RF-F06-Working Hours Declaration

RF-F06- Working Hours Declaration

Rail Form - Working Hours Declaration

  • Rail Forms - F06 - Working Hours Declaration

    All persons employed by Logical Personnel Solutions to work on Managed Infrastructure as safety critical staff are required to comply with the length and pattern of working hours as considered to be safe in relation to the work being carried out. The application of this principle is set out in Company Standard NR/L2/OHS/003. The responsibility for determining the duration and pattern of working periods is set out in the ‘Railways and Other Guided Transport Systems Regulations 2006’ (ROGS).

    It is the Policy of Logical Personnel Solutions (the Company) to strictly comply with Company Standard NR/L2/OHS/003, Management of Fatigue and its application to the particular working situation. These arrangements will be carefully briefed to all employees before work commences.

    The persons involved will be required to sign a declaration that they understand, and will comply with the arrangements advised.

    Any unauthorised working outside the permitted limits will be treated as gross misconduct and may result in instant dismissal.

    Any working time for another organisation, on or off Managed Infrastructure, within the previous 14 days must be declared to the Company before commencement of work.

    Any travelling time in excess of 1 hour to and from the work site will be deducted from the permissible working hours, e.g. if the travelling time is 2 hours to and from the work site the maximum working hours for that turn of duty would be reduced by 2 hours to 10 hours.

    In the absence of specific arrangements the maximum working hours and working patterns will be applied in accordance with NR/L2/OHS/003 and as summarised below.

    All persons employed or contracted by the Company must sign the declaration below, and which will only be overridden by the application of other specific arrangements as described above.


    1. No more than 12 hours to be worked per turn of duty.
    2. No more than 72 hours to be worked per 7 day period.
    3. A minimum rest period of 12 hours between booking off from a turn of duty to booking on for the next turn. This may be reduced to 8 hours at the weekly shift changeover, in the case of staff working a shift pattern that rotates or alternates on a weekly basis.
    4. No more than 13 turns of duty to be worked in any 14 days period.

    In exceptional circumstances special arrangements may be authorised by the Company for extended hours working following a risk assessment to establish that there is no increase in risk to the workers involved or to any anyone else. The conditions attached to extended hours working must be strictly observed. The Company representative able to give authorisation is available on the Contact Number as provided.

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    I have read, understood and fully accept the Logical Personnel Solutions Policy on Working Hours as set out above.

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