Record of Equipment Issued

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  • Protective clothing/equipment:  in order to comply with Health and Safety regulations, you may be provided with protective clothing or equipment. It is essential that you use these items in the correct manner and at all times as instructed by your manager. Failure to do so may put your safety and/or that of others at risk, and will therefore lead to action being taken against you in accordance with our disciplinary procedure.

    Other equipment: may be issued to you to assist you in carrying out your role: such items are provided to you for business use and must be used in accordance with our policies. Unless you are otherwise notified, or unless the equipment is issued as part of your contractual terms, we may require any of these items to be returned at any time should we feel they are no longer necessary for your role.

    Should your employment be terminated by either party, for any reason, you must return the items below, in good condition, on or before your last day of work. Failure to do so will result in a sum equivalent to the replacement value being deducted from your final salary or any other payment owed to you. Failure to return the items during employment when requested to do so, will also incur a deduction from your pay. Items returned in an unacceptable condition may also incur a charge.

  • Specify each item below (e.g. safety footwear, overalls, goggles, vehicle, laptop, printer, mobile phone, tools, uniform, keys, swipe cards, samples)Replacement Value 
  • I understand that on the termination of my employment, or at any time on request, if I fail to return any of the above items, or they are lost or damaged whilst in my care and owing to my negligence, an amount representing the replacement value listed above will be deducted from my final salary and/or any other payments owing to me, and I authorise this deduction to be made automatically without the need for further written confirmation. I also understand that if this is insufficient to cover the amount, I will be required to repay any outstanding sum immediately.

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Training and PPE Costs

If issued with relevant equipment by the end client or hirer to allow you to undertake your work, and this is not returned in a serviceable condition, the costs may be deducted from your pay.

List of Training and PPE costs